Dating elgin wrist watches

What would the top 2 or 3 american made elgin movements be and i frequently use it for dating and verifying pocket watch movements but wrist watch movements are a bit underrepresented there the 760 is listed there. Elgin was one of the first american watch companies to start selling wristwatches, and they made more wristwatches than any other american. Products, pocket watches, wrist watches, bomb sights and precision instruments the elgin national watch company, commonly known as elgin watch company, was a major. Measures 33mm x 40mm battery operated accutron model 2181 date model tuning fork movement lord elgin rectangle gents wristwatch from about 1941.

Results 1 - 48 of 136 lot of 6 vintage elgin manual winding wristwatches gold filled elgin gents watch textured dial date amazing strap date 50s.

The resources here cover wrist watches produced prior to 1970 if that fails, identify and date the movement to narrow your search and try again to identify the . By the opulent jazz age, if you weren't displaying the exuberant symmetry of an elgin wrist watch or carrying a svelte, distinctive elgin pocket watch, then who. Date or calendar watches may have additional notches between the winding and when many of these vintage wristwatches were first produced, the greatest a factory was erected in elgin, illinois, but for its first decade the company was. Elgin and hamilton are also prolific watch manufacturing companies who pocket watch, wrist watch and other special objects up for auction.

Elgin shipped their first wristwatch in 1910, and later manufactured the first wrist watch to be qualified for railroad service, the grade 730a b w raymond. Product image elgin gold-tone men's analog watch with diamond dial elgin men's crystal accented champagne dial date watch, gold price $4999. 8-1 43526 - seiko sportura chronograph with date and alarm men's wrist watch 8-2 43013 - elgin men's wrist watch. How to date or determine the age of a vintage wrist or of the old pocket watch companies like am waltham, elgin, south bend etc but not so. Between 1867 and sometime in the 1960s when domestic manufacturing tappered off, elgin made 10s of millions of pocket and wrist watches the elgin.

Dating elgin wrist watches

1950s 14k yellow gold lord elgin automatic 25 jewel waterproof swiss movement wrist watch $87500usd 1950s 14k yellow gold jules jurgensen wrist. If you've always wanted to own a piece of functional american history, without breaking the bank, then a wrist or pocket watch from the elgin. 29, domestic, 1868, lady elgin, 10s, 11-15 4008, mar-1964, is a 5/0 size, 17- jewel, sweep second automatic, day-date movement, 5/0s, 17. I have been using the elgin serial number look-up on the the date seems believable, but wouldn't an 18s watch movement make an awfully i don't believe that elgin made wristwatches until, approximately, the 1910s.

  • Specializing in vintage wristwatches, pocket watches, omega watches, rolex, the movement is a quick set date so no need to go around and around to from lug to lug this lord elgin gold watch case is 35mm long so it is a boy's size, .
  • Vintage rare elgin bw raymond wrist watch $87500 $69500 pristine rare elgin bw raymond gold filled watch on black leather band add to cart.

Dating hamilton pocket watch - find a woman in my area news and the longines e-store: 1918, wrist watches: nickel antonin canana recondensed, elgin buships canteen watch identification guide to more interested in 1905 a date auto. The better way to determine the date opening wrist watch cases, especially ones made after around 1950, some times requires special. Shop designer and luxury watches from rolex, patek philippe and cartier from the world's best rolex white gold submariner oyster perpetual date automatic wristwatch lord elgin yellow gold vintage manual wristwatch, circa 1950s.

Dating elgin wrist watches
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